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How to avoid weapon investments
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You may be invested in arms manufacturers and military contractors
You shouldn't have to be a financial expert to know how much of your savings are invested in unsustainable and morally problematic companies.
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Weapon Free Funds is a search platform that enables you to find out if your money, in the form of individual mutual fund investments or an employer-provided 401(k), is being used to finance makers of military weapons and military contractors, and to find alternative options that avoid weapon investments.

We can help build a more peaceful world by reducing the power of those who profit from violence. Investors have the power to cut ties with the corporations at the root of militarism, and to reinvest in ethical companies that support our communities and protect our planet.

Who we are

For over two decades, As You Sow has promoted responsible investment. As part of our Invest Your Values program, we've created a series of tools that provide free information helping people invest fossil free, deforestation free, weapon free, and more.

How Weapon Free Funds works
  • Look up mutual funds using up-to-date Morningstar data
  • We analyze your investments for weapon stocks
  • See how much exposure they have to different weapon sectors

See how it works

Use our action toolkit
  • Learn how to make a change and invest weapon free
  • Push your employer to provide weapon free 401(k) options
  • Find divestment resources for cities, universities, and more

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