GQG Partners Inc

Military weapons grade


Fund manager is not invested in nuclear weapons or controversial weapons, but is invested in military contractors, below the threshold of 2.5%. Assigned a grade of B.


Funds analyzed
AUM analyzed

Military contractors
Fund managers are pouring billions into military weapons.
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GQG Partners Inc earns a B grade for investments in military weapons
$521.77 MILLION
Military weapons
Military weapons
Military contractors
Military contractors
Largest international arms manufacturers and military contractors
of fund assets
Nuclear weapons
Nuclear weapons
Manufacturers/servicers of nuclear armaments and delivery systems
No direct stock holdings
Controversial weapons
Controversial weapons
Manufacturers involved with cluster munitions, landmines, white phosphorus, depleted uranium
No direct stock holdings

  These results show the combined exposure of the fund manager's open-end mutual funds and exchange-traded funds domiciled in the U.S. with at least 50% of assets directly invested in stocks. It excludes bond funds, target date funds, and other fund types like closed-end funds, collective trusts, and funds domiciled outside the U.S. This fund manager may have additional military weapon investments in those types of funds. These results ignore any short assets or liabilities held by fund portfolios, accounting only for long fund holdings.

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Military weapon grade
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